Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Physics is the study of matter and energy and the relationship between the two. We owe much to the world's great physicists. There is Archimedes, whose studies of hydraulics changed science forever, Sir Isaac Newton who uncovered the Law of Gravity, and Albert Einstein, whose theory of relativity explains how to split the atom.
Some of the most imaginative of all physicists have to be those in Hollywood. Their cartoon characters have re-written every physical law known to mankind! We've seen their handiwork develop over the last few years and it's amazing what they have done. I marvel when I watch and see how these animations have literally changed movie watching - not to mention the baby sitting services they provide for parents! These characters defy the laws of gravity, go through solid matter and run so fast they become a blur! Rewriting physical laws in cartoons is fun and reckless, but only a fool would deny the law of physics.
The same is true when it comes to Scripture. Changing or ignoring God's Word is dangerous and yet many have tried it. History is littered with those nations who ignored God's laws. Some have tried to write their own laws hoping to outsmart creation. Diocletian, the Roman Emporer, gloated when stating, "The name 'Christian' is forever extinguished" yet five years later Constantine declared Christianity as Rome's religion. Voltaire, the French atheist, said, "Fifty years from now the world will hear no more of the Bible." On the 50th anniversary of his claim the Geneva Bible Society was using Voltaire's house as a print shop! Carl Sagan, the astonomer, stated, "The cosmos is all that is or ever will be." He died believing his fallacy.
You can make the Road Runner pass through solid mountains but you cannot deny God's Word. The Bible says, "Nations that forget God will be turned into Hell!"

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