Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Are you facing a giant today?

Most of us remember these familiar lines from a popular children’s story:
“Fee Fi Fo Fum
I smell the blood of an Englishman
Be he alive or be he dead
I’ll grind his bones to make my bread.”

The lines actually come from an old English fairy tale “Jack and the Giant Killer”. The story begins with the words, “When King Arthur reigned, there lived near lands’ end of England, in the country of Cornwall, a farmer who had an only son called Jack.” Shortly thereafter follows a rather comprehensive description of a huge giant named Comoran, which includes the detailed measurements of his massive frame: Eighteen feet tall and 3 yards about the waist! He was notorious for terrorizing the people of Cornwall, and had done so for a long time. With no end in sight to his rampaging deeds, the locals were in complete despair. Enter Jack, who comes to the rescue, and through a combination of courage and cunning, kills the giant Comoran, and seizes his treasure, thus earning himself the nickname “Jack the Giant killer”.

The Bible relates a very similar encounter from centuries ago about a young boy named David who valiantly stood against a menacing giant named Goliath. But point in fact is, this is a true story, an actual historic event, not a fairy tale. In an old edition of the monthly periodical “The Prairie Overcomer” an article appeared which contained within it a thesis stating the reason for David’s victory: that Goliath suffered from “tunnel vision”, and David won the battle that day as Jack the Giant Killer had done in the fairy tale, through superior knowledge, skill and agility. I would have to respectfully, but totally disagree. The Bible clearly states, and I am certain David himself would concur, that he was victorious because the Lord was with him.

In each of our lives there are times when “giants” may appear. Most often these are not necessarily physical in nature, but relational, emotional and spiritual. But they are no less imposing, no less foreboding, and they are just as threatening to our well being. But unlike fairy tales, the secret to confronting and defeating the seemingly unconquerable giants in life is the Lord. Victory is not in us, but in Him, as David would surely attest.

What giant do you face today? All things are possible to him that believeth. Put your faith, not in yourself, but in God and you will become a giant killer. You may not secure an earthly treasure like Jack, but you will have joy unspeakable, and peace that passes understanding.

See ya Sunday!

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