Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Our Fall Bible Conference!

I read a story of an English boy from Liverpool. One day he went for a swim. He stripped off his clothes and jumped into the water. It was not long before he felt himself being carried by the tide into the sea. He struggled long and hard, but was not able to swim against the ebbing tide. At last he was picked up by a boat bound for Dublin. The sailors were kind and gave him clothes to wear.

That evening a man was walking along the shore and found the boy's clothing lying on the beach. Inside the boy's coat he found his name on a piece of paper. The man assumed the boy had drowned and with a heavy heart went to bear the bad news to his parents. He told his father, "I am very sorry to tell you, I found these clothes on the shore and could not find the lad to whom they belong. I fear he has drowned." The father could not speak. He was overcome with grief. The parents began to search for the body of their son but to no avail. A memorial service was scheduled. The parents were grief-stricken.

Meanwhile, the boy was on his way to Dublin. As soon as the ship reached Dublin he headed for home. He arrived the day of the memorial service. He walked up to his house and when his mother saw her son she sobbed and cried. It was a grand reunion!

We all love stories with happy endings. However, for many it will not be so. Many are broken-hearted on the road of life. Seeking good news for their weary soul. We have the good news but often fail to tell it. Let's share the good news of the gospel with those who are hurting!

This Sunday is the beginning of our Fall Bible Conference. Three nights of spectacular music and preaching. Let's all be there and let's invite those around us. Let's pray for God's spirit to be poured out and for personal revival to take place.

See ya Sunday!


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