Thursday, April 11, 2013

Gun control?

It was Patrick Henry who said, “Whatever anguish of spirit it may cost, I am willing to know the whole truth, to know the worst, and to provide for it”.

 It has always amused me how the liberal side of the media provides news from their point of view.  A case in point would be gun control and the Second Amendment.  In actuality gun control has its roots in racism.  Very little is written about the role guns played in securing victories African-Americans achieved in the civil rights movement.

In 1958 in North Carolina, Mr. Robert Williams opened a local chapter of the NAACP.  Dr. Albert Perry, a physician, helped as a leader in the community.  This particular county (Monroe) was KKK country.  The Klan included in its membership the sheriff, several police officers, and many elected officials.

Mr. Williams, a veteran of the Marines knew he and his constituents must be protected.  In 1960 he applied to the nation’s oldest civil rights organization for help, the NRA.  He applied for a local charter.  They did so and supplied him with material for fire arms training.

 Officially sanctioned as the Monroe NRA Rifle Club, Williams recruited other black veterans.  This infuriated the Klan and it inflamed many white liberals.  One night, seeking to make an example they decided to attack Dr. Perry’s home.  The local NRA branch heard of it and sprang into action.  That night, instead of finding Dr. Perry at home with his family, they found a house filled with armed guards who knew how to use a weapon.  A firefight ensued.  The Klan was no match for these trained veterans.  The Klan drove off with unknown casualties.  The story of Monroe is one the liberal elites don’t want well known.

As Monroe demonstrates, it is dangerous to leave oneself unprotected.  Our forefathers saw this and thus we have the Second Amendment.  Their intention was that we have a God- given right to protect ourselves.  At times our only defense is self-defense.

Under today’s laws Monroe county would never happen.  The laws limit the sale of many guns.  Registration and licensing laws would tell the Klan who had guns and allow them to round them up before the raid took place.  When someone tells you we need stiffer gun laws remember Monroe County.  And when you hear the critics of the NRA, remember Monroe County and realize the NRA’s influence on civil rights.

 You won’t read this on the national news, but you should.  Our Constitution was written for free people.  Black and white.  Gun control is all about people control.  In the famous Dred Scott case, Chef Justice Taney said, “We cannot allow the recognition of blacks as humanity because they would be allowed to keep and bear arms.”

Gun control is anti-American.  The Second Amendment stands for itself.  It is a fundamental right.
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