Wednesday, September 24, 2014

A Strong Foundation

Every home must have pillars.  Something must undergird every building or it will fall. 

Just as every building must have a foundation, so must every nation.  America is no different.  The founding pillars that our nation was built on are the Christian home, proper observance of the Lord’s Day, and belief in the Word of God and righteousness.  The Word of God says, “If the foundations be destroyed, what shall the righteous do?”

In past years, even in past months, we have seen an eroding of our foundations.  The past principles that made us a great people and nation are being replaced by what many believe are more “up-to-date beliefs.”
Now progress is good, and there is nothing wrong with change – if it is for the better!

However, there are some principles that should never change!  Our foundations are what secure us.  To change them is certain disaster.  We need to gather our wisdom from the Word of God, not the secular press.  We need to get back to where people make the Bible the pillar of their lives.

I believe it is our responsibility as citizens in this great land to watch and guard our nation’s pillars of principle.  All of us need to ask our-selves: Am I responsible for the crumbling foundations?  Have I done my part in life and liberty to keep America a great nation?


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