Thursday, May 6, 2010

A Mother's Day Message

This Sunday is Mother's Day. It's always a special day as Americans remember "Mom". We use the slogan "as American as baseball, apple pie, Chevrolet and Mom". Moms hold a special place in our hearts. Their tenderness, Christ-likeness, and love is exceeded only by our Lord.
Personally, I am very thankful for my Mom. She had to stop going to school at age 8 in order to cook for her eight brothers and sisters. When my Grandfather, her Dad, died it placed a severe strain on the family. I could listen to her talk of it for hours. Getting the fire started on cold mornings, standing on a stool in order to reach the stove, and going without are only a few of the inconveniences she endured.
My Mom is absolutely one of the sweetest, kindest, most compassionate people I have ever met. I love her beyond words. I respect her immeasurably. I cannot say enough good things to describe her. She can make me feel like a successful man and a little boy at the same time. Her care for my Dad and her diligence to raise us kids is only exceeded by her knowledge of the Word of God. Mom, I love you and thank you for all you have done.

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