Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Hungry Crab

Most of you know I am a native of New Jersey. Born and raised on the shore, I spent a great deal of time on the water. After teaching school for seven years in Oklahoma, God lead me back to Maryland and again be the water.

I love summertime. The biggest reason is because of the outdoor activities. One of the most popular in our area is crabbing. I distinctly remember the first time I went out on the Chester River with Bro. Manning and learned how to crab. The procedure was simple. Tie the bait to a trot line, and then drop the line in the water. When you pull up the line, a crab is eating the bait. Remove the crab, and then throw him into the boat.

Later on you throw several of them in boiling water to steam them. Sprinkle on some Old Bay, add some corn-on-the-cob on the side, and talk about good eating! Whoa!

This thought occurs to me whenever I eat steamed crabs; we humans are much like the crab. He becomes so preoccupied with his appetite and so absorbed in the meal that he does not see the impending danger to his freedom. How many people resemble the hungry crab? They are so interested in their own ambitions and desires they fail to realize that life will soon be over. How we need to resist this practice - failing to plan on eternity. Both nationally and individually we are sacrificing our future on the altar of immediate gratification. Don't jeopardize your eternity while yielding to temporary earthly pleasures. Remember the fate of the short sighted crab!

Thank God for last Sunday! Looking forward to a great time this Sunday!


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