Tuesday, September 7, 2010


For years, I have been a fan of mysteries. I have watched all of the Sherlock Holmes stories many times over. By the way, no one can touch Basil Rathbone. I even enjoyed the Alfred Hitchcock stories. For many years he was the Dean of movie-makers. He wrote his own rules. No one created suspense quite like him. It is said that he became bored with his story lines. In an effort to rekindle his passion, he devised an innovative plan to jump-start his movie making. He began making cameo apperances in his movies. In Birds, he's found walking past a pet shop with two white terriers. In North by North West, he is spotted missing a bus. In Psycho, he is seen through a window wearing a cowboy hat. In Rear Window, he is winding a clock in the neighbor's apartment. In Dial M for Murder, he's seen in Ray Milland's class photo. In Topaz, he is being pushed through an airport in a wheelchair.
Innovation: it is the oxygen for the suffocating Nine to Five routine. And to be honest, all of us could use a dose! God's people are better known for their traditions than for innovation. However, when you consider Bible heroes, all of them were innovative. Noah used a boat as a sermon visual. Joshua walking around Jericho was not the norm-but it worked. Solomon's temple was one of a kind. John the Baptist's wardrobe still hasn't caught on. Many of us become bogged down with the same ole, same ole. We often need to be stirred and that means asking God to move us. Maybe it means a fresh prayer life. For others, it may be time on your knees just worshipping God. Often a slight change is needed to enhance our walk with God. Maybe a new sermon or even a new chorus would help us to be fresh. Think of your life spiritually. Are you in a rut? Does your heart ache for God? If so, then change your ways; become biblically innovative and regain your passion. Let Christ be seen in you again. I love you blessed and wonderful people.

See you Sunday!

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