Wednesday, February 2, 2011

God Is So Good!

God is good and He is good all the time! God cares about us in all things, big and small.

We have cats on our farm. They all live outside in the garage, hither and yon. I have become fond of one little tiger colored kitten. The reason is my grandson loves him. He has even named him. Ready for this? He named him "Mow". It sounds like cow. On Monday evening I realized little Mow was missing. I searched in the typical places to no avail. I figured something bad happened but I continued to look. I scoured the woods and the fields. I even bothered one of our neighbors. Still no Mow.

On Wednesday I offered a prayer to the Lord. I know it was a little thing, but still I prayed. My curiosity had taken over and I needed to know what happened.

Three days and two nights later and still no Mow.

After the Wednesday evening service I went to the grocery store. At about 9:45 I turned onto my road. While driving down the road I saw something in the field. This was about 2 miles from my house. I turned around just out of curiosity. I drove up there and sitting on the side of the road, alone, cold and confused was Mow.

You can say it was luck that helped me find my boys' cat but I won't believe you. It was the Lord who answered my prayer. Call me foolish or call me naive, but I know God put him on the side of the road, not in it, at the particular time I would be coming by. I tell you folks, God answers prayer. Bigger prayers than Mow. God cares for us like a Father cares for his children. Ever since that Wednesday evening, every time I see that crazy cat I am reminded of God's goodness.

Maybe you have a dilemma in your life. Perhaps you think it is too small for God. Well, it's not! He cares! I tell you God is good snd He is good all the time! Praise Him!

See you Sunday!


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