Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Perfume in church?

Most of us would agree that the church at Philippi was one of the most pleasant churches described in the entire New Testament. All through the letter to the Philippians it is almost as if you could smell the pleasant atmosphere generated by the love the dear believers had for Christ and for each other. It was truly a church filled with love and joy. The Apostle Paul even exclaimed in his salutation in the first chapter, "I thank God for every remembrance of you!" He was essentially telling them that they were a sweet fragrance to him. Such was the spiritual character of this church.

In John 12 we are told about Mary anointing the feet of the Lord Jesus with expensive perfume. The Bible provides this description within the passage, “and the house was filled with the fragrance." It was obviously a palpable and pleasing fragrance, one that so impressed John that he was compelled to describe the sweet aroma that permeated the scene.

Oh! How wonderful it would be to be in a church like that! There needs to be a fragrance of perfume in a church. The ministry and the fellowship of the church family should emanate such a pleasant fragrance it should be easily discerned by any visitor.

I believe that is the atmosphere we have here at Chestertown Baptist Church. The unity and harmony and the ministry send forth just such a pleasant fragrance. Our members are among the sweetest on earth. Our services are Christ inspired and spiritually uplifting. Personally, I would rather be here than in any other church on earth! I remember Dr. Tom Wallace preaching a sermon here years ago entitled, “There’s no place like this place so this must be the place!" That's how I feel!

Of course, we are not a perfect church; we are, after all, made up of imperfect people! Once in a while you will run across “problem” people. That is going to happen! But the majority of us are “Endeavoring to keep the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace” (Eph 4:3), which produces just such a sweet fragrance.
Thank you for being the way you are. You are a delight to Pastor and fellowship with.

May all we do be a sweet smelling savor to our precious Lord!
God bless you and Lord willing I'll see you Sunday!


Thanks for being patient with me the last couple of weeks. My gout has flared up. I have only eaten what I'm supposed to and only drink water. I went yesterday and received cortisone shot in my right foot. I am much better! Thanks for your prayers!

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