Tuesday, August 16, 2011

God Wants Us to Thrive!

When life is going well it’s easy to feel hopeful. But when this fallen world brings trouble into your life, feelings of hopelessness will naturally arise. Thankfully, God gives us hope that is much more than a feeling. Unlike the worldly concept of hope as a wishy-washy emotion, the biblical definition of hope is the earnest expectation borne of a settled confidence that our Heavenly Father will deliver on His promises. One of these promises is manifested in the reality of His presence with you, through the Holy Spirit, one which we can experience in any situation; when health fails, the loss of a job, or any of the multiple tragedies which life may hurl your way.

While many Christians are “going through the motions”, merely surviving the daily routine, God wants us to thrive. Even when times are tough, He desires we make the most of each day. We are never to simply endure a troubling situation; we are expected to be fully engaged in whatever circumstances in which God has seen fit to place us.

Remember, each day you have in this life is a gift from God; thank Him for it. I have a sign on the mantle of my fireplace which reminds me of this simple truth – “Today is a gift from God; remember to thank Him for it”.

Pray for the Holy Spirit to renew your mind each day (see Romans 12:2!) so you can have positive attitudes that you will need to confront whatever the day may hold, and to have power to demonstrate a Christ-like spirit in your life. Remember others are watching us. Help them to be drawn to Christ though your spirit and attitude.

I was participating in the soccer camp with kids all last week. It was a blast, but the coach is not what he once was!
I’ll see you Sunday!


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