Tuesday, September 13, 2011

In Honor of Our Fallen Soldiers

It was certainly an emotional day this past Sunday when we honored those precious families that suffered the loss of a son in Iraq or Afghanistan. Heart-rending may actually be a more appropriate description. If you were not moved by the life stories behind each of these valiant young men, you better check your pulse! In the coming weeks we plan to have the names of these dear men engraved on the bench designed in their honor.

Solomon said “Sorrow is better than mirth (laughter).” Although this may seem to be a rather cynical attitude, it is actually rooted in Solomon’s astute observation that we tend to learn and grow stronger in faith more from times of sorrow than we do from times of joy.

Experiencing sorrow is typically not considered to be something beneficial, but Solomon would argue that it does have some positive effects. For one, it causes us to “reconnect” with our humanity, often compelling us to reach out to our fellow man in ways we otherwise would not (this Sunday’s service, for instance!). It also forces us to recognize our inherent weakness as humans, and that some things are beyond our control. This in turn provides insight as to our own limitations; we are so limited just by our being finite human beings. But God is unlimited, and God is infinitely wise and perfect in all His ways. If we acknowledge these contrasting realities, and we place our trust in God and rely on his providence, times of sorrow will strengthen our faith and fortify our spiritual muscle. I guess Solomon knew what he was talking about!

This Sunday our theme will be on “The Power of the Cross”. We have some great things planned at Chestertown Baptist Church. If you miss a Sunday, you miss a lot!

Please know that I love and appreciate you all.

See ya Sunday!

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