Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Revive Us!

James 4 exhorts us to “draw nigh to God and he will draw nigh to you. Cleanse your hands ye sinners; and purify your hearts ye double minded.” In this passage, James has essentially provided the framework for the concept of revival.

All of us experience highs and lows; one day we’re on top of the mountain, the next we may be traversing through the lowest valley. This is what C.S. Lewis described as the “Law of Spiritual Undulation” of the Christian life; the tendency to move from spiritual highs when the blessings of God are clearly evident, to times of spiritual lows when the trials of life provoke us to battle with doubts or discouragement. Our hearts get cold and calloused, and let’s be honest, even bored at times, and at some point, we all need revival. We need to get back to the fire and warm ourselves again.

Revival is bringing back to life that which has previously had life. Of course, this means you cannot have revival unless you’ve already had “life”. God’s people are “born again” into a new life, adopted into God’s family; yet at different seasons of life we need a new stirring of the Spirit of God; a quickening of our spiritual life. We need a personal revival.

Gypsy Smith, an evangelist of yesteryear said, “The way to have a personal revival is to draw a circle around yourself, get down on your knees and say “OH Lord send revival and let it start inside this circle.”

Charles Finney, the great evangelist said, “Revival is a new beginning of obedience unto God.”

All of us need that! Amen.

This Sunday will start our Fall Revival with Evangelist Tim Lee. I would encourage everyone to make a commitment to participate as I am sure we can all use some “revival” in our spiritual lives! This is our church and together we need to seek God’s blessings through obedience. Each night bring your family and your Bible but most of all bring your heart open, ready to receive what God has for you. Let us all pray this week that God will send us true Holy Ghost revival. I can’t wait!

See you Sunday!

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