Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Coronation Day

In Second Timothy chapter four, the Apostle Paul is preparing for his trip to heaven. He states, “I am ready to be offered. I have fought a good fight, kept the faith and finished my course.” What a life he had led. It is said that the test of religion is not whether you can live by it, but can you die by it. The old hymn, “Old Time Religion” says, “It will do when I am dying.” The great Methodist preacher said of the Methodist people “Our people die well”. D.L. Moody said, “One day you will read that I am dead. Don’t believe it. I will be more alive than ever before.” When he came to the end of his earthly life he said, “Earth is receding, God is calling, I am going. Is this death? Why, this is not bad. This is glorious, this is my Coronation Day.”

Yesterday our family placed in the ground the earthly body of our saintly father and husband. He was one of the Godliest men I have ever met. Married for over 60 years with five children who love and serve the Lord! For over 40 years he was the Pastor of Bible Baptist Church in New Jersey. He will be missed sorely. The scores of people that showed up yesterday are a testimony to the influence of his life.

He was prepared to go! As it says in the book of Hebrews, “He being dead yet speaketh”. The influence of his words and his wonderful example will live on in our lives. I love you Dad and look forward to seeing you in the morning.

See ya Sunday!


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