Friday, May 2, 2014

Big Talkers Little Doers

Stretching the truth is uncommonly general now day.  People with good imaginations are not scarce at all.  Certain people are always on the prowl for gossip, and if they don't find it they invent it.  As one preacher said "All of their mole hills are mountains."  If they saw six dogs running together they would swear its was no less than 100!  The would also swear everyone else saw 100.  I hear these folks on airplanes as I travel.  Their wealth is enormous, they are extremely successful, and everyone else has problems but not them.
People are boastful these days.  Most of them are great talkers and little doers.  My dad used to say "Dogs that bark usually run away when it's time to bite."  In other words, saying and doing are two different things.  I've found over the years that the leanest pigs squeal the most.  One of the reasons a drum sounds so loud is the fact that there's nothing to them.
As a pastor of the same church for over thirty years, I've dealt with many different people.  I have observed when a man is excellent, he will as cream, soon rise to the top.
The Bible describes the backslider as one who is filled with his own ways.  The wise man Solomon said, "Even a fool is counted wise when he holdeth his peace."

As by the ears the mole is known,
A truth as Proverbs long have shown,
Is seen most plainly though his speech,
Let's glorify God, not ourselves.

See ya Sunday!

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