Thursday, May 8, 2014

Celebrating Mothers

Its Mother's Day this weekend, and I wanted to say a word about the mothers in our nation.  Personally, I am grateful for the wonderful, godly Mom that God allowed me to have.  My mind is filled with the blessings of growing up under her good influence.

She only attended school until the eighth grade.  Her father died and she quit school to tend to the house and take care of the duties at home.  She is the youngest of eight children.  I know that many feel this same way, but to me, my Mom is the best.  They just don't come any better than her.  Tender, kind, compassionate, and understanding just barely describe how good a woman she is.

When I was a child, she scolded me when I did wrong, and then she tenderly hugged me and told me it was for my good.

After summer vacation she, more that anyone else, looked forward to school starting up again.  My brothers and I were a handful in those days!

When I was a teenager, she worried and prayed over me and warned when it was necessary.  During my college days she would call me, and would constantly send me what I called "care packages."  They were filled with food mostly, and other necessities.  I have never had a birthday that she didn't write and send me something.  When I was married she cried, as well when I  told her about her first grandchild. 

Her influence on my life is immeasurable.  She never had a job outside the home, never ran a corporation, nor was voted one of the 10 most powerful women in America.  But she was there when we needed her.  The thing I remember most is that she always had time for us.  I love her dearly for that.  She was the heart of our home and tower of strength when needed.  She gave up much for her children, and we all (four boys, and one girl) rise up and call her blessed.

Her story is repeated over and over around this nation in the lives of good, godly mothers.  We, as your offspring, thank you mothers for your love, your labor, and your gift of life to us.

May God bless you "Moms" of America.

I'm looking forward to celebrating Mother's Day with you this Sunday!

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