Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Walking the Tightrope

Have you ever been to a circus or watched one on TV? One of the most thrilling events is the high wire act. First of all, a ladder is scaled. Then, the strong man or woman walks on this tightly strung cable out and back. They often put someone on their shoulders. At times they ride a unicycle and juggle while on the high wire. And always with a smile on their face, while inside they're sweating bullets. Personally, heights are not up my alley. I could never do what these dare-devils do every night.

However, being a Dad in this age is like walking on a high wire. You're walking a fine line, trying to balance everything for fear of the consequences of extreme mistakes. And often, you're carrying unpublicized burdens on your shoulders, while juggling a job, a family, and a personal life.

One thing I've learned these past 34 years is being a Dad is no easy task. It is at times a delightful experience, but there are times it is a difficult excursion.

Parenting is not without its rewards, but it also has its responsibilities. It has its thrills and also its tears. It has its proud moments and also its painful trials. It's a balancing act that is difficult and even impossible without divine intervention. Frustrating as it is at times there is no greater joy. I love being a Dad. I want my gang to know I love them. I hope I have balanced, juggled, and shouldered my share. If not, please forgive me. But most of all, let me say thanks for the opportunity to get on the high wire. It's been the greatest thrill of my life. Thanks for making me proud.


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