Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Principles of Excellence

There are many principles that are paramount in life, one being the principle of excellence. Some describe excellence as "an inordinate attention to details". Some call it going beyond the call of duty. Our Lord called it the second mile.

Not everyone can have a life of opulence. Not everyone can have a life of affluence. All of us can have a life of excellence.

Living a life of excellence is the difference between mediocrity and magnificence. Going the second mile takes you from the middle of the pack, to the top.

Think of all the roles you play in life; father, mother, husband, wife, athlete, musician, teacher, farmer, doctor, lawyer, salesman, etc.

The sad truth of life is many do just enough to get by. The story is told of a woman who sat down to eat dinner with her little boy. She told him she wanted him to eat his spinach. The boy said "How little can I get by with?" That is how many live their lives. As little as possible is their lot in life. Just what I need is their creed!

A surgeon was operating with a young intern at his side. The soon-to-be surgeon noticed how intricately the doctor operated. He closed the wound with three sutures when two would have been enough. The intern asked "Why three?" The surgeon said "That's my sleeping knot". When I get home at night and slip into bed I go over every step of the operation. When I begin to worry about my surgery, I remember the 3rd knot and I go off to sleep.

We can all make a difference in our homes, our business and our nation by being second-milers. As Americans, as Christians we are blessed. The reason is because those before us were excellent second-milers. That is the difference. May we carry their torch.


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