Wednesday, June 2, 2010

You Can't Outgive the Lord!

Today I would like to share a testimony from one of our dear church members on the subject of giving.

Our God is SO good! When I was asked to share a testimony about "tithing", I was thrilled! For many years I have been a regular tither; very careful to present my 10% of my gross income regularly, and additional "offerings" frequently. And God has shown His faithfulness in a unique way to me!

Several years ago, at the encouragement of my daughter, I began having my nails "done" on a bi-weekly schedule. The cost didn't affect my giving, and the pampering made me feel wonderful. I say this to affirm that I don't believe there is anything inherently wrong with doing things to improve your appearance and self-confidence. HOWEVER, one day the Lord spoke to me very clearly-in my heart. He asked me,"Are you aware of how much you are spending on your hands? Have you thought about those you know who are having serious financial problems while you are spending money pampering yourself?

To me it was a "no-brainer"! I immediately began to look around me to see whom the Lord would have me bless with the money I was previously spending on myself. I had no problems identifying numerous precious people who were struggling. I decided to send food store gift cards anonymously to families in need, using "Jesus loves you" as a return address and sending the cards from post offices other than our own so that only God would get the glory. I was having an absolutely delightful time being on the Lord's team and having a part in His ministry! But now comes the true "God Sighting!"

At the same time that the Lord was convicting me, my Dad, who lived with us for the past 10 years, had asked me to help him try to recover some of the investments he had made with Enron (the collapsed company). I filled out the forms he requested, being very sure it was wasted time and energy. However, much to my surprise, he did recieve a repayment for some of his losses. I was pleased for him and the pleasure it gave him to know that he hadn't lost it all. So, what does this have to do with my tithing testimony?

When Dad recieved his check from Enron, I (as usual) did his banking for him and cashed his check. When I came home, he insisted that I take a portion of his"new found money". Over my protestations, he insisted, and I gratefully accepted. That very day I was driving to another town, absolutely giddy to be part of God's plan, to postmark one of my anonymous food card mailings when it suddenly struck me; the amount that my Dad had given me that day was exactly TEN TIMES what I had been sending!! TEN TIMES!! What an amazing God we serve!! We can NEVER OUT-GIVE God!!

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