Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Everybody is Somebody!

There is a wonderful Baptist church in Cartersville, Georgia I visited during my days traveling as an evangelist. I very much liked the motto followed by this church: "Where everybody is somebody in the body". That neatly summarizes the lesson the Apostle Paul details for the church in chapter 12 of 1st Corinthians!

Last week a survey was distributed to the congregation. I very much appreciate the time each of you took to provide your responses. I enjoyed reading through them. Thank You! The reason I wanted to do the survey was to have a means for me to receive some honest feedback from my church family. I value your opinion, and what you think is of the utmost importance to me.

I would like to emphasize that, as your Pastor, I cherish each and every representative group within our church. I love our youth. It is the highlight of my day when I walk down to the school and mingle with the kids. I think we have some of the finest young people in the world! I admire the dear ladies of the church. To me, they are the epitome of grace. The men in the church are just that - MEN! I thank God for you guys. Thanks for befriending your Pastor.

Young and old, rich and poor, all have a place here at Chestertown Baptist Church. Your value to me, and more importantly to God, is great!

God bless you dear folks. My heart overflows with love and respect for you.

See you on Sunday! Don't forget our new series on Revelation begins on Sunday evening!

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  1. We love you also! Looking forward to the new series!